North Caddo Medical Center providing COVID-19 antibody testing

North Caddo Medical Center providing COVID-19 antibody testing

VIVIAN, La. (KSLA) -For those who live in rural parts of Northwest Louisiana getting access to important COVID-19 testing can be difficult, but one local medical center is working to fix that.

North Caddo Medical Center is not only offering COVID-19 testing, but also antibody testing at its locations in Vivian, Plain Dealing, and Benton.

“A lot of patients want to know if they have those antibodies present from the test," said marketing director, Mary Coil. “It is possible to have been asymptomatic and not to have had any symptoms and actually have been positive for the virus so this is something that could put their mind at ease and give them that extra knowledge.”

Coil says they’ve been offering this testing for the last couple of weeks, and so far they’ve performed close to 500 tests on people in their area.

Greg Guest is the lab director for the medical center and says they’ve seen a variety of different results from testing.

“Right now we’ve pretty much found that if you did have the COVID virus that your antibodies are positive, but if you’re not suspected of having the COVID virus that your antibodies are negative," he said. "We haven’t really seen too many unusual cases of those asymptomatic patients out here.”

The antibody testing will be able to let people know if they currently have antibodies for COVID-19 or have had them in the past.

Results from the test typically will be available in 24 hours or less and, there are no out of pocket costs for those who are insured or uninsured.

For locations and additional information, those in Vivian can call their location at 318-375-3239, the location in Plain Dealing at 318-326-7272, or the location in Benton at 318-9656-5017.

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