A Local Car Wash offers car cleaning safety tips

Car Safety Tips Suds Up Car Wash

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) - Suds Up Car Wash on Barksdale Blvd in Bossier City has made some adjustments due to Covid-19 pandemic. Some of their normal car services have been temporarily discontinued due to covid-19.

“We are normally a full-service car wash, where we vacuum customers cars then we pull it around, were taking your car and we are cleaning it out”

According to the CDC, cleaning all touched surfaces and practicing good hygiene is critical to stopping the potential spread of Covid-19.

Kevin Gordon, Manager of Suds Up Car Wash says keeping your car clean during this time is all about sanitizing your vehicle, he says you can clean your car with just about any household cleaner.

“As far as the inside of your car if you’re going to be back and forth, seeing your friends and your loved ones, keep your car wiped down inside, places where people will be sitting, places people will be breathing, keep it nice and sanitized”.

Kevin says he is looking forward to things returning to normal next month.

“Wait and see what is going on see what the numbers are going to say and we are probably thinking about opening up around May 7th”

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