KSLA Salutes: BAFB launches new web series to help answer questions about COVID-19

KSLA Salutes: Barksdale Air Force Base's "Real Talk" series

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) -What happens when a clinical psychologist, a health promotions coordinator, and a chaplain all meet together?

You get “real talk”

“It’s kind of like we made a whole season of Stranger Things and they’re just showing it one episode at a time," Said Lt. Colonel Hyral Buddy Walker.

Walker is the comedic chaplain at Barksdale Air Force Base, and helped film this new web series along with his colleagues for airmen and their families stationed on the base.

The goal of the series is for them to have real conversations about the coronavirus pandemic.

Real Talk: What resources are available to me?

It's time for episode two of Real Talk! Tune in to hear all about resources provided by the medical group and chaple team. Next week's topic: coping with COVID-19.

Posted by Barksdale Air Force Base on Monday, April 13, 2020

“People had sent in their concerns, their questions and so we were addressing sort of I guess the top six or seven of those," said Walker.

The series has allowed Walker and his colleagues the opportunity to casually talk about the things we are all experiencing right now.

“My favorite (question) was will we be different after this and that was a really profound discussion that is ongoing,” he said.

So far the base has already released two episodes with people from all across the world tuning in.

“It was really fun that people in Japan were contacting me and Colorado at bases," said Walker. "You know you have loved ones in the Air Force scattered all over and that’s our Air Force family.”

While no one is really sure how the world will look once this is all over, Walker is grateful for the positive things that have come out of these hard times.

“I’ve seen more families engaged, outside, in activities than I ever seen in my 56 years on this planet," he said. "I really sincerely hope and pray we take this with us into the future as the new norm.”

Barksdale Air Force Base will release new videos each week. You can check out their last two videos on their Facebook page.

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