Man talks about property damage from Easter storms that hit Upshur County

Man talks about property damage from Easter storms that hit Upshur County

UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Thousands are still without power in Upshur County after a powerful storm cell blew through East Texas Sunday evening. And residents believe Sunday morning’s storm left the ground saturated and many trees couldn’t stand up to the wind from Sunday’s second storm.

There was little rain with Sunday evening’s storm, but many trees were no match for strong wind gusts, and neither were some roof shingles. Many linemen quickly mobilized to do their best to get power back on.

In Upshur County over thirty thousand were without electricity, like Keith Bonds, who has a second home in that county on Bob White Road.

“Well, hopefully we’ll get power. We have generators though. Everybody out here has generators,” Bonds said.

Bonds’ main home is in Longview, which is good since he’s the city manager there. But he didn’t make it to work because well, something caused a problem at his second home.

“The wind had been blowing about fifteen minutes, really hard. And so one tree had already fallen,” Bonds recalled.

That one fell through his metal barn.

“And I was looking at it, and at the same time I was bemoaning of that wreck and then this one fell which was much worse,” Bonds stated.

The second, much bigger tree landed on his garage while he was standing on his deck.

“I was actually looking back towards the west and out of the corner of my eye I saw it fall down,” Binds relayed.

Bonds thinks the first storm made the second one worse.

“I had about four and a quarter inches of rain earlier from about six thirty to nine thirty or so yesterday morning, and then this was about seven thirty pm last night,” Bonds said.

About a mile away there were trees down all over Martin Lane trapping residents at their homes, including Chad Gilbreath, who didn’t hesitate to take matters into his own hands.

“Just grabbed my chain saw and the neighbor came over and helped, and another neighbor down the road; just tried to get the road open. And the other neighbor had his son on 1650 blocked. He couldn’t go forward or backward. So then we went over and cut him out,” Gilbreath said.

So, with the help of determined neighbors, and maybe a few professionals:

“We’ll get through it,” Bonds added.

Upshur County Rural has restored power to about ten thousand customers, but they say it could be several days before power is restored to the whole county.

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