Big cool down in temperatures, then a stormy weekend

Big cool down in temperatures, then a stormy weekend
Heavy showers and storms expected this weekend

(KSLA) - Temperatures will be much cooler for the next few days. A strong cold front will arrive Thursday morning bringing much cooler air behind it. Going from the 90s today, to only in the 70s Thursday. Then this weekend will be very active with storms around.

Overnight, there will be more clouds around. A cold front will be on its way, to help cool the temperature back down. I do not expect any rain tonight. Temperatures will cool down to the mid to upper 60s. So it will still be a little mild.

Thursday will be much cooler though. A cold front will arrive in the morning, and will keep the temperature from rising. Therefore, it should remain in the 70s all day. I also do not expect a lot of rain. There will be more rain in the evening after sunset, but not so much during the day. So, I have the rain chance at only 20%. The sunshine may also mix in during the morning, but it will become more cloudy later in the day.

Friday will go back to having nice weather with a few clouds and low rain chances. Overall, it will be mostly sunny. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. This will be the best day of the week!

The nice weather from Friday will not last long, however. Saturday is when we should have our best chance for rain this week. For now, they are up to 70%. We will be around a couple cold fronts and also a warm front. So temperatures will warm up a little, but then cool back down after the cold fronts. Basically, the temperature will not change much. Therefore, temperatures will stay in the 60s and 70s Saturday and Sunday. All in between, there will be more rain.

The bigger story will be the chance for severe weather. There is now a possibility some storms reach severe level. There will be warm enough temperatures to help add some ingredients to the atmosphere. Both Saturday and Sunday have a chance for some severe storms. As far as the risks, it should be damaging winds and hail, but a tornado or two cannot be ruled out.

Sunday now also looks to have a good chance of rain. I have raised the rain chance to 60%. The rain from Saturday will be sticking around overnight into the morning hours on Sunday. More rain will be developing in the afternoon and evening. If you are planning on doing any outdoor Easter Egg hunting, you may now want to have an indoor plan.

Next week on Monday and Tuesday though will go back to quiet weather. There will be a few clouds with some sunshine and low rain chances. Temperatures will also be cool. It will warm up to the mid to upper 60s.

Have a great week everyone!

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