Shreveport woman relies on God after husband diagnosed with COVID-19

“Faith is the medicine. It is the answer. It’s what gives us hope.”

COVID-19: She believes her faith in God healed her husband

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Barbara Simpson never saw it coming.

“We were truly shocked. That wasn’t even on our minds, coronavirus.”

It started weeks ago, when Barbara’s husband, Rickey, just felt off.

“All of a sudden, it was just out of nowhere, he had a temp of 103,” she added.

What initially didn’t seem like a major ordeal quickly escalated into a lengthy stay at Willis-Knighton for Rickey. He tested positive for COVID-19.

“They had to intubate him, his breathing and stuff started going left,” she explained. “They put him on a ventilator and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh'.”

The situation was not looking promising for Barbara’s husband. To make the situation worse, she tested positive for coronavirus. Her son likely contracted it, as well.

“Hearing the doctors say, ‘There’s not a cure, there’s nothing to do but take Tylenol to break a fever,’ it’s just scary," she said.

So Barbara responded with grace and faith, the cornerstone of her life, she said.

“Our family’s praying, our spiritual family’s praying, our pastor’s praying, the doctors and nurses are praying. Everyone’s praying.”

What could be the most important prayers of her life were heard.

Barbara said her husband’s health improved to the point he could be taken off the ventilator; in fact, she claimed he pulled the tubes out himself.

“Faith is the medicine, it is the answer,” she stated. “It’s what gives us hope.”

She emphasizes that Rickey would not be in the improving condition he is without the tireless, courageous and benevolent actions of his guardian angels — his healthcare heroes.

“They are a perfect example of staying on the front lines and putting themselves in harm’s way,” she said passionately. “They treated my husband like family, which is amazing to me.”

Barbara said her husband could be released from the hospital as soon as Tuesday.

Both she and her son are set to finish their quarantines this week, although she emphasizes they plan to continue practicing strict social distancing.

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