Record heat Wednesday followed by a big cool down

Record heat Wednesday followed by a big cool down
High temperatures Wednesday afternoon

(KSLA) - The temperatures will be hot on Wednesday, possibly breaking a record. The heat will be short-lived though, because a cold front will cool things down dramatically by Thursday. Temperatures will go back to being below average for a few days.

Tonight, the clouds will continue to move away. So as we start the day on Wednesday, there should be plenty of sunshine. It will still be warm though. Temperatures will only cool to the lower 70s.

Wednesday will be hot. It will reach the lower 90s in the afternoon. If this holds true, this will break a record set back in 1882! There should be some sunshine and a few passing clouds during the day. Come by the evening, the clouds will build back up and some rain could be possible. There is a lot of discrepancy about whether or not there will be a lot of rain. Nonetheless, there is a marginal risk for severe weather. There will be a lot of heat which could help spark a few storms. As of now though, I still have only a 20% chance of showers.

Thursday will be much cooler though. A cold front will arrive in the morning, and will keep the temperature from rising. Therefore, it should remain in the 70s all day. I also do not expect a lot of rain with this front, but there should be a few showers. So, I have the rain chance at only 20%. The sunshine may also mix in throughout the day at times, so it should be a nice day.

Friday will go back to having nice weather with a few clouds and low rain chances. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. This may be the best day of the week!

Saturday is when we should have our best chance for rain this week. For now, they are up to 60%. We will be around a couple cold fronts and also a warm front. So temperatures will warm up a little, but then cool back down after the cold fronts. Therefore, temperatures will stay in the 60s and 70s Saturday and Sunday. All in between, there will be more rain.

Sunday now also looks to have a good chance of rain. I have raised the rain chance to 50%. The rain from Saturday will be sticking around overnight into the morning hours on Sunday. Some of the rain could last into the afternoon. If you are planning on doing any outdoor Easter Egg hunting, you may want to have an indoor backup plan.

Have a great week everyone!

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