A few showers and record heat expected this week

A few showers and record heat expected this week
First it's hot, then it's cold

(KSLA) - Overall, this week will not have a whole lot of rain. There will be a few showers from time to time, but I do not expect a washout. The better chance of rain comes Thursday, then Saturday. Meanwhile, temperatures will be pushing for a record come Wednesday.

Overnight, the rain will still be possible in a few areas. The rain should be scattered and light across the ArkLaTex. It will not amount to much at all, but some of the roads in the morning will be wet. Temperatures will be mild and fall only to the mid 60s.

Tuesday will start off with clouds and a few showers, but not everyone will see rain. Clouds may break some in the afternoon allowing for a little sunshine. Temperatures will be warming up to the mid 80s in the afternoon, so it will be warm.

Wednesday should be dry. I have a 20% chance of rain as of now. There is some disagreement from the various computer models about what to expect for the rain. So, I think it is possible, but I am leaning toward it being a dry day. What we do know is that temperatures will be hot. It will reach the lower 90s in the afternoon. If so, this will break a record set back in 1882!

Thursday will be much cooler though. A cold front will arrive in the morning, and will keep the temperature from rising. Therefore, it should remain in the 70s all day. I also do not expect a lot of rain with this front, but there should be a few showers. So, I have the rain chance at only 30%.

Friday will go back to having nice weather with a few clouds and low rain chances. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s to the lower 70s.

Saturday is when we should have our best chance for rain this week. Fr now, they are only up to 40%, but could increase as we get closer. We will be around a could cold fronts and also a warm front. So temperatures will warm up a little, but then cool back down after the cold fronts. All in between, there will be more rain.

I am optimistic that the rain will be gone in time for Easter Sunday though. I have a 20% chance of rain for in the morning, but the showers will be moving away by that time and the afternoon should be nice. Temperatures will be in the lower to mid 70s.

Have a great week everyone!

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