A local photographer gives back to the community

Local Photographer Takes Pictures for Free

Benton, La. (KSLA) - Good things happen here in Louisiana. At a time when the entire state is under a stay-at home order, a local photographer gives families a reason to smile.

Charles Phillips with Charles Phillips Photography gave about dozen Benton families free photos on Sunday.

Charles Phillips II says during these uncertain times we need a reason to smile, he says he wants to give families something to feel good about.

“I just feel like I had a gift, God gave me a gift, I wanted to extend it to families, even though we are in quarantine, we are in the house, but we are together”. ​

Menda Davis and her husband Jason Davis were one of the many families that received free photos from Phillips, they both say they are very thankful for this and these photos remind them of just how blessed their family is during these difficult times.

“We just been trying to find the little positives everyday and this was a positive and for him to be able to do this for us it was huge, someone giving back to the community”, said Menda Davis. ​

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