Qualifying for unemployment due to coronavirus

Here’s a breakdown of scenarios where you might now be eligible for assistance.

COVID-19 OUTBREAK: Expect delays when filing for jobless benefits

(KSLA) — The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has predicted that America’s unemployment rate will hit more than 32 percent by the second quarter.

That would mean 47 million people out of work during the coronavirus outbreak. More and more people have asked KSLA News 12 questions about how to file for unemployment benefits.

The approval of the stimulus package expanded benefits for unemployment by $600 a week. Under this new plan, many people who typically would be ineligible for benefits can now apply for assistance.

Here’s a breakdown of scenarios where you might now be eligible for assistance, according to the Louisiana Workforce Commission:

  • Have your work hours been reduced due to a lack of work from the coronavirus?
  • Has your workplace closed temporarily, and you are not getting paid?
  • Have you been told not to go to work, and you are not getting paid while you’re at home?

You could qualify for unemployment benefits if you answer yes to these questions.

If you’re a Louisiana resident, you can file a claim by going to louisianaworks.net/hire or you can call 1-866-783-5567. You will then answer questions concerning your situation and the Louisiana Workforce will review your case before deciding on approval.

In Texas, the web address is twc.texas.gov. To file an unemployment claim and in Arkansas, you can apply at dws.arkansas.gov.

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