East Texas native, her boyfriend recovering from COVID-19 in NYC

Carthage native living in NYC talks about dealing with coronavirus
Lexi Phillips spoke with KLTV 7's Blake Holland about her experience on East Texas Now.
Lexi Phillips spoke with KLTV 7's Blake Holland about her experience on East Texas Now.(Lexi Phillips)
Updated: Mar. 30, 2020 at 9:05 PM CDT
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NEW YORK CITY (KLTV) - An East Texas native and her boyfriend are among the thousands of people in New York City who are dealing with COVID-19.

“He got worse," Phillips said. "And he started getting really bad body aches. He came in and said his skin was hurting. And I was like, 'what if you have coronavirus?”

Carthage native Lexi Phillips is talking about her boyfriend Rob. She said his symptoms first appeared about two weeks ago and included chest congestion and a cough.

“I work mainly from home, but teach part-time in Manhattan," Phillips said. "But he works full-time in Manhattan, so he has to commute up to Rockefeller Center. He has to walk through Times Square frequently. So he was exposed a lot more than I was.”

Phillips said in the days after Rob’s symptoms first appeared, things got worse.

“His cough got really bad," Phillips said. "He started having coughing fits, where he was kind of gasping, because he was coughing so hard. And it was really hard to see.”

Once Rob lost his taste and smell, the couple went to a nearby emergency room. Phillips told us she remembered sitting across from one woman in the lobby who was struggling to breathe.

“She looked like she could hardly get any air," Phillips said. “It was really hard to watch. We’ve been really blessed that Rob hasn’t had the type of breathing issues that I saw in there. A lot of people came in on stretchers.”

Phillips said the only symptoms she has experienced include a headache and fatigue.

“I guess we should have expected it with him having to commute so much, but we took all kinds of precautions just like everyone here and he still got it.”

Phillips said her boyfriend is doing better. She said while she did have pre-existing conditions, he did not.

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