ArkLaTex employees concerned about coronavirus

Employees worried as they keep working during coronavirus outbreak

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - KSLA has been getting phone calls from concerned employees saying they are worried their employers are not doing enough to keep them safe while they continue to work and the coronavirus continues to spread.

One employee, who wished to remain anonymous, told KSLA their employer gathered them for a meeting to let them know a fellow employee has tested positive for coronavirus.

The employee told KSLA their boss told them they could go home if they wanted to — but after that — nothing was really done to keep them safe.

“I feel like it’s not being taken seriously,” the employee said. “They said if we did not feel comfortable or if we were feeling uneasy that we could just go home and that was it. We are still officially open. We changed our hours for around a week and then we went back to basically normal hours. I feel like they are not doing as much as they can to protect us, their employees that work for them. I know a lot more could be done, but it feels as if it’s all about making a dollar.”

The employee says they have not been told to screen people coming into the building, but that they and other employees have bills to pay and families to feed and take care of so they can’t not go to work.

Dr. Martha Whyte, with the Louisiana Department of Health, says they are encouraging businesses to ‘do the right thing’.

“The Governor is going to be forced to put in even tighter restrictions which will close them down completely," Dr. Whyte said. "If that doesn’t happen, they are going to have so many sick people they won’t be able to function. So if they really want to think about the future and the continued function of their business they are going to want to social distance, have fewer people there spread them out and not allowing people to come to work if they are feeling sick. It’s not something public health can enforce, but we are telling businesses the things that could happen if they don’t do the right thing.”

The Louisiana Department of Health has compiled a list of guidance and resources for the public, including information for businesses and employers on how to respond to the coronavirus.

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