Drier weather finally returns to the ArkLaTex

Drier weather finally returns to the ArkLaTex
Some light rain Tuesday evening

(KSLA) - Aside from a few showers tonight and later on Tuesday, this week should remain dry. There will be low rain chances and the sunshine will be returning on a few days this week. Rain chances will briefly go up Friday and Saturday as well.

Overnight, the rain will be more likely north of I-20. There will be more scattered activity as the rain continues off and on. The good news is that the rain should be gone by the morning hours. Temperatures will fall to the lower 60s.

Tuesday will have a cold front push through. This will be a very weak cold front, because temperatures will actually be warmer over the next few days. The front will bring some rain to the ArkLaTex by the evening hours as it rolls on through. I think northwest Louisiana has a better shot at seeing some rain. I only have a 20% chance of rain for the day. Other places like southwest Arkansas or east Texas, may see some sunshine! Temperatures will top out in the upper 70s and lower 80s.

Wednesday and Thursday will finally have no rain! It will be a couple of dry days with some sunshine. Wednesday has a better chance to have abundant sunshine, while Thursday should have a few more clouds. With the lack of rain, and the return of the sun, temperatures are expected to be quite warm. It should reach the mid to upper 80s these two days.

Friday will have a small chance for a few showers in the evening. Another cold front is coming and will arrive late. So, most of the day should remain dry. The clouds will be back for sure though. I have a 20% chance of rain for the day, but again, most will arrive after sunset. Temperatures will still be quite warm and reach the mid 80s.

Saturday should have some more showers, before all the rain comes to an end in the evening. I have a 30% chance of rain for the day. Therefore, I do not expect a whole lot of rain for the day. There is a chance some of us do not see much rain at all! Temperatures will be cooler though and will reach the lower to mid 70s.

Sunday will go back to being dry with no rain. The clouds will likely stick around, so there should not be a lot of sunshine. Just a few peeks here and there. Still not a bad day by any means. Temperatures should top out in the lower 70s.

Have a great week!

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