Exclusive: American family tells life quarantined in Italy

The Collier family moved to Italy from California

Americans describe life in Italy during the Coronavirus outbreak

ROVEREDO, Italy (KSLA) - Hours ago, Italy passed China for the most coronavirus deaths in the world.

The country, which has been devastated by the virus, has reported more than 3,400 deaths as of Friday.

The hardest-hit area, the Roveredo region, is just a few hours east of the Collier family. They moved to Italy a little more than a year ago for a “slower pace of living.”

Will, Jessie, and their two children packed up everything they owned and moved halfway across the world to start a new life in Italy.

Jessie, who works for an Air Force base in the country, says she was in Venice with friends when she realized things with the coronavirus there were getting drastically dangerous.

“When they canceled Carnevale I knew it was getting bad," Jessie said.

The Collier family has been quarantined inside their home for the last month.

Adria 6:30 a.m. tease

They told KSLA’s Adria Goins, who were friends with the Collier’s when they lived in Northwest Arkansas, they only go to the grocery store when they need supplies and that’s the extent of their interaction within their community.

“Just Thursday they started limiting how many people can go into the grocery store,” Will said. “Only a few people were allowed inside the neighborhood grocery store at a time. Neighbors there were also asked to wear gloves so they aren’t contaminating other items in the store.”

When asked what they thought about how the United States has reacted to the pandemic they were surprised by what they've been seeing on the news. They said people needed to start taking the restrictions and social distancing seriously.

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