Cutting insurance costs for Louisiana drivers

Spending Smarter | Cutting car insurance costs

(KSLA) - It’s no secret that the state of Louisiana has one of the highest car insurance premiums in the country.

According to a new report, Shreveport drivers have seen their yearly premiums reach close to $2,400. That’s more than $800 higher than the national average. breaks down every cost by zip code. In Shreveport’s Caddo Heights, South Highlands and Sunset Acres neighborhoods, drivers are paying $2,300 per year. In Minden, drivers there pay less at a little more than $1,800.

Louisiana lawmakers have said this year’s legislative session would focus on finding a solution to high insurance costs. But there are ways to cut costs with insurance as well as maintenance costs before bills are passed.

One way to drop your insurance prices would be to take a defensive driving course. According to AARP, taking a driver’s education class can deduct up to $200 a year from your insurance costs.

Spending Smarter | Saving on car insurance

Shop around. If you’re not satisfied with your car insurance company consider looking elsewhere. Call other companies and ask if they can beat your current rate. You can also bundle your policies which could save you even more.

Cutting costs while you’re at the pump can be as simple as using cruise control. According to AARP, that can save you up to 7 percent.

Make sure you download apps like Gas Buddy that can show you where the cheapest gas prices are while you’re out on the road.

Loyalty programs at different gas stations can also drop a few cents per gallon when you fill-up.

Another good tip is to get regular oil changes, check your tires, change air filters, and make sure you have good, working windshield wipers. Simple maintenance could keep your car running longer which would cost you less in the long run.

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