Dry weather returns with temperatures freezing tonight

Dry weather returns with temperatures freezing tonight
Freezing temperatures tonight

(KSLA) - The temperatures will be the talk of the town for tonight. It will be back to freezing with some frost likely in the morning to start out Thursday. The sunshine will be back, so for the rest of the week, there will not be any rain.

Tonight, the rain chances will be down to zero with the clouds continuing to clear. By the time we wake up in the morning, there will be little to no cloud cover at all! The sun will come back, and make Thursday a beautiful day! Temperatures in the morning will be cold though! It will fall to below freezing for the ArkLaTex, especially north of I-30 where temperatures will be in the mid 20s. There should also be some frost in the windshield.

Thursday and Friday will both be nice and dry with no chance of rain! We will have a stretch of dry weather for a few days! The sunshine will be out, so it will also be beautiful as well. Temperatures Thursday will warm up to the mid 50s, and Friday will warm up to the lower 60s. It was a much needed pattern change in the weather department!

This upcoming weekend is also looking good! There will be little to no rain both days. As of now, I have a 0% chance Saturday, and a 10% chance Sunday. Any of the rain Sunday will be late int he evening, anyway. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s near 70 degrees and the sunshine will be mixing in with a few clouds from time to time. Any weekend plans are looking good to go!

Next week is when we are expecting that next cold front to bring more of an impact back to the ArkLaTex. The timing on the front is still in question though. It should arrive sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday. When it does arrive, the rain chances will go up. We will also be monitoring for any stronger storms that may turn severe. Of course we will keep you updates as we get closer.

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