Heavy rain comes to an end and the sun returns as we end the week

Heavy rain comes to an end and the sun returns as we end the week
More heavy rain late tonight

(KSLA) - The heavy rain will be coming to an end by Thursday afternoon. We will finally take a break from this rain for a few days. We will not completely be done with the rain since more will arrive Sunday.

Tonight, the rain will continue off and on. Don’t be surprised if you hear the rain tonight on your window. There will not be any storms, and not any severe weather either. You will need your rain gear as you head out the door in the morning. Temperatures will remain cool and will fall to the lower and mid 40s.

Thursday will have more rain, particularly in the morning. I expect heavy downpours in many areas. The south side of I-20 has a better chance to see more of the rain. I still have high rain chances up to 60%. Even where it stays dry, it will be a cloudy and cool day. I am optimistic that the rain will come to an end around midday. There should not be any sunshine and temperatures will only warm up to the mid 40s.

Friday will finally be a great day! The sunshine will return! There is no chance of rain during the day, so no need for an umbrella. Instead, you will need your sunglasses. You’ll also need a jacket because temperatures will not warm up much despite the sunshine. Highs will be in the upper 40s near 50 degrees. At least the weather will be better as we end the week!

This weekend will have some good and some bad. Saturday will be the good day. There will be increasing clouds, with little to no rain. As of now, I do not expect any rain. Temperatures will be a little warmer, but still on the cool side. It should warm up to the mid 50s. Sunday will not be a good day, because rain is back in the forecast. I have a 50% chance of rain as a weak cold front pushes through from the west. The rain will come to an end by the end of the day. Temperatures should reach the upper 50s.

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