More details released about Hallsville counterfeiting arrest

More details released about Hallsville counterfeiting arrest
Fake twenty used for a purchase at a restaurant. (Source: KLTV)

Hallsville, Texas (KLTV) - She had checks and money, but they weren’t legal tender. Jennifer Genell Clark of Hallsville was arrested on three counts of forgery and possession of a controlled substance on Friday.

East Texas News spoke with an investigator who said three other law enforcement agencies were also on the case, including the U.S. Secret Service.

Investigator David Burrows with the Hallsville Police Department says their involvement began with a January 26 call from the local Subway manager who reported:

“We had a lady come through the drive-through and pay for some items with a 20 dollar bill and left. But the manager was looking at the bill and determined it didn’t feel right. It didn’t look right,” Burrows said.

So the manager took it to a nearby bank where they:

“Couldn’t find any watermarks; no strip in the bill and they used a pen on it and it didn’t pass,” Burrows relayed.

There was surveillance video of the vehicle at the restaurant, but the license plate wasn’t legible. Then about a week ago:

“The Kilgore Police Department contacted us and said that they were working a case involving counterfeit money on suspect Jennifer Clark,” Burrows revealed.

And Burrows says she lived at the Green Street Apartments in Hallsville,

“We also learned that Harrison County had cases that they were working on; the same suspect,” Burrows stated.

So it turned out Kilgore had two warrants on the suspect and Harrison County had one. The Subway manager identified her from a picture, and:

“We executed a search warrant and found items that were consistent with an ongoing counterfeit operation,” Burrows said.

And now there is a third county that may be involved: Upshur.

“There’s going to be other charges most likely coming down,” Burrows said.

Burrows also added that Clark was on parole.

Burrows says stolen mail, and social security numbers were also recovered. Authorities will be contacting the addressees to return what mail they found, and advising some of the victims to make sure their information has not been compromised.

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