Bossier City officer-involved shooting witness: ‘He handled it very professionally’

The eyewitness says marshal’s office deleted her cellphone video after sharing it with them
A Bossier City police officer was responding to a report of an attempted carjacking near...
A Bossier City police officer was responding to a report of an attempted carjacking near CenturyLink Center when the officer fatally shot a suspect during an altercation Feb. 13 in a parking lot at the Bossier City venue, according to Louisiana State Police.(Source: KSLA News 12)
Updated: Feb. 15, 2020 at 9:52 PM CST
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BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) — So what happened to the video?

That's the question an eyewitness to Thursday's officer-involved shooting in Bossier City is asking after temporarily giving her smartphone, with video of the shooting she captured, to local law enforcement.

“Maybe they didn’t want the video shared,” says Angie Rivera.

She had just pulled into the CenturyLink Center parking lot Thursday when she noticed a man displaying bizarre behavior while running through the parking lot.

“He ran to the end of the (parking) isle I was on, ripped off his shirt, and was swinging his hands,” Rivera tells KSLA News 12′s Doug Warner, the scary moments happening just moments after getting out of her SUV on her way to the box office to buy concert tickets.

"I picked up my phone at that point because I knew something wasn't right."

Moments later, Rivera says, a Bossier City police officer sped across the parking with lights and sirens activated in an attempt to stop the man.

BCPD was called because the man, now identified as 42-year-old Bossier City resident Jeremy Fox, reportedly had stolen a city work truck, injuring a city worker in the process.

After crashing the truck into a tree in CenturyLink’s south parking lot, witnesses say, Fox then ran over to the north lot, not far from where Rivera had parked her SUV.

“The officer got out of his truck, yelled at the suspect to get on the ground, but the suspect ran at him,” Rivera said

She says the still unidentified officer then spray him with his police-issued pepper spray, but it still didn't stop the shirtless Fox.

“The officer tackled him, they tussled on the ground, and the shot went off,” leaving Rivera in complete shock.

“Oh, my God, what is happening,” she recalls saying to herself.

She says both the officer and Fox remained on the ground until at least two more officers arrived on the scene.

When asked whether she saw the officer ever draw his gun, Rivera said, “Never.”

She explains that while the two were on the ground wrestling, she couldn’t tell how Fox was shot, whether the officer pulled the trigger, or if Fox grabbed his gun or had a gun of his own, and shot himself.

“I willingly gave them the evidence,” said Rivera, who followed Bossier Deputy City Marshal Roy Proctor to the city marshal’s office.

Proctor confirmed to KSLA that he made two copies of the video and returned the phone to Rivera.

However, when Rivera got her phone back, she says the video had been deleted.

“Nobody else viewed the video until the marshal took the video.”

Proctor repeatedly denied deleting the video to KSLA News 12′s Doug Warner and Rivera when she called the city marshal’s office Friday.

She also says when she asked for a copy of her video, Proctor told her that wasn’t possible.

Rivera says since her video captured the moment someone was shot, she was not going to post it to social media.

"If it was my family I wouldn't want someone sharing it on the internet."

But for the sake of transparency, she wanted to keep a copy of the video she says shows the officer acted appropriately and professionally.

“If anyone is charging at me, wrestling around on the ground with a gun with me, you’ve got to make that choice whether it’s going to be your life or the other person’s life. I can’t imagine what that officer felt like at the time.”

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