Sunshine returns for our Thursday and Friday as we end this week

Sunshine returns for our Thursday and Friday as we end this week
Sunshine will be back Thursday and Friday

(KSLA) - The rain is finally coming to an end with the sunshine returning later Thursday and all day Friday. You will be able to leave the rain gear at home as we end this week and enter the weekend. Temperatures will also be warmer as we start the weekend.

Overnight, the clouds will remain. There could be a little mist or drizzle at times. Lows tonight will fall to the upper 30s. You’ll likely need a jacket as you head out the door in the morning. But, you will not need your rain gear.

Thursday will not have any rain! This goes for Friday as well! We should also get some sunshine Thursday and Friday! Finally! What makes it better is that Friday is Valentine’s Day. With no rain in the forecast, that should help out with any date night plans. Temperatures both days will be a little chilly though. It will only warm up to the lower to mid 50s. Take a jacket with you as you head out the door. So we will still end this week much better than when we started it with no rain in the forecast.

This weekend is looking better and better. The clouds will be back on the increase on Saturday. Both Saturday and Sunday I have a 10% chance of rain with mostly cloudy conditions. There will be sunshine peeking through at times. Sunday may be a better day for the sun. Temperatures will be warmer. Saturday will warm up to the low 60s, then Sunday it will warm up to the low 70s. It should be a nice weekend!

Next week though, we are expecting the rain to be on the return again. There will be more showers and possibly a few thunderstorms as well. The good news is that the rain will be more likely Monday night when most of us are sleeping. By Tuesday morning, the rain will be coming to an end. I have left the rain chance at 30-40% both days, but you should not have to worry. We will also not see as much rain as what we had this week.

Temperatures next week will remain around the upper 60s near the lower 70s. It will be quite warm until a cold front comes through Monday night. The cold air though is way behind this front. So, Tuesday will be warm too. However, by Wednesday, the temperatures will be much cooler. It will only warm up to the upper 40s.

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the sunshine!

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