Some ex-Green Oaks High students upset over post

The comments allegedly were put on social media by a band instructor, who now is on paid leave while the matter is investigated

Some former Green Oaks High students upset over social media post

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Caddo School District officials are investigating a Facebook post about kids reportedly being difficult to teach because they lack initiative.

The post allegedly was made by a band director at Green Oaks High.

School officials have placed that educator on paid administrative leave while the matter is investigated.

The post goes on to state that students reportedly are dumped into band when they have no interest in participating.

In part, it reads:

“It’s hard enough to teach Cooper Road kids as is and then you just dump kids in there who don’t want to be in there and expect me to work a miracle. Screw that!”

Now some former Green Oaks High students are upset.

“It’s not right that she would say something like that towards any of the kids,” former student Charles Morris said. “To point out a specific group of kids as a problem is wrong and irresponsible.”

Morris played the clarinet under a different band director in 2015. That director, Morris said, kept students engaged in the band.

When asked about students allegedly being dumped into band class when they have no interest in participating, the School District responded that it works with students to find the best classes that will allow them to gain credits for graduation. Students have input into their class schedules.

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