Senate so far split neatly along party lines on impeachment

(AP) - The Senate is so far cleaving neatly along party lines in advance of Wednesday’s virtually certain votes to acquit President Donald Trump on two impeachment charges.

Just two or three undecided senators are even considering breaking with their party.

The chamber’s top Republican, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, again slammed the impeachment drive of House Democrats as “the most rushed, least fair and least thorough" in history and confirmed that he will vote to acquit Trump.

He said the two impeachment charges against Trump — that he abused his power and obstructed Democrats’ impeachment — are “constitutionally incoherent” and don’t warrant removing him from office.

The Kentucky Republican did not address whether Trump’s actions were inappropriate or wrong, as some GOP senators have said.

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York accused the Republican leader and his GOP colleagues of sweeping Trump’s misconduct under the rug.

The trial is cruising to impeachment tallies that will fall short of even a majority of the GOP-held Senate, much less the two-thirds required to remove Trump from office.

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