Man’s family threatened over anti-Trump golf cart in Fla.

THE VILLAGES, Fla. (WESH/CNN) - Ed McGinty cruises his Florida community in a golf cart making a statement.

"I'm the one guy they can't intimidate," he said. "I'm right back in your face if you give me a hard time."

A sign on the front calls President Donald Trump a "compulsive liar," along with the number of alleged lies reported by a major newspaper.

It stands out in an area Trump carried with more that 60 percent of the vote last time.

"There are some people so far to the right, they think they can intimidate the Democrats, and they do a pretty good job of intimidating the Democrats," McGinty said.

He's had people react positively and negatively to his political statement.

"People go by and give me a thumbs up, others give me the middle finger,' he said.

This week, it got more personal. There was a note on his door saying he needed to be careful if his family is important to him.

"If anybody's got a problem with me, come to me," McGinty said. "Don't go after my wife, because she has nothing to do with this."

He still has "Remove Trump" on the back of the cart and "Dump Trump" on his hat, but he made a deal to tone down the signs to be less insulting.

One man from the community, who asked not to be identified, called McGinty an agitator - a guy looking to start arguments.

"I don't see anything wrong with it, because people run around with the Trump signs," said resident Jerry Walker.

In response to the note, resident Neil Stapleton said, "If you're going to talk to the guy, talk to the guy. Don't be a chump."

McGinty's said he hopes "we can all get back together as a country."

"We need to do this," he said. "We need to get back together."

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