Bittercreek BBQ: The story behind the smoke

Bittercreek BBQ: New Benton area food truck has a heartwarming back story

BENTON, La. (KSLA) — It’s an early, gloomy start to the day for Jodie and Christi Rhodes. But nestled up inside their rustic food truck, the perfect “pick-me-up” barbecue is in the works.

“Each brisket cooks differently,” Jodie said. “It’s constant attention, constant love - because it’s all about the food.”

Since late last year, the power couple has been smoking heavenly brisket and innovating savory sides inside a food truck covered in old sheet metal.

“You cook it, you give it to people, and just to see the joy it brings them - it makes me happy,” Jodie said.

Welcome to Bittercreek Barbecue.

“My dad [Jodie’s father] was in a band in the late ‘70s called Bittercreek, LA,” Jodie mentioned. “Bittercreek, LA was kind of like a state of mind, playing music was their happy place.”

Tragically, Jodie was 10 years old when he lost his father. Just two years later, at age 12, his mother died.

“So, in honor of them, I took that name on for Bittercreek BBQ,” said Jodie. “That’s my happy place.”

For Christi, spending time working in Bittercreek Barbecue is family time.

“This business is about bringing people together, but also doing this with our kids - who are 17 and 14.”

But, this is no small feat for a family business. Maintaining Bittercreek is a major time commitment.

“We do have full-time jobs and we are putting a lot of time in this, our family is putting a lot of time in this,” Christi said. “When he’s smoking whatever we’re making for the next day - that’s a 15 to 20-hour process.”

A lot of folks are asking about upcoming events. Here is what we have lined up so far. -Saturday February 8th 11am ...

Posted by Bittercreek Barbecue on Friday, January 31, 2020

Their persistent hard-work, however, is paying off.

“Right now, we’ve got thing booked all the way up till April,” Jodie said. “Everytime we’ve done little events, we’ve sold out.”

The couple doesn’t know where their heartfelt barbecue joint will take them, but their confident it’s going to be a cut above the rest.

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