Haughton fire station still shut down after Jan. 11 tornado

Haughton fire Station

HAUGHTON, La. (KSLA) - This Friday marks two weeks since severe weather rolled across Northwest Louisiana.

Even now, a fire station in Haughton is still shut down.

Fire Chief Robert Roe, of Bossier Parish Fire District 1, described what happened to one of their stations.

"Station 6 was hit by the EF-2 tornado that came through the Haughton area."

Roe sent KSLA News 12 several photos of the damage after that storm hit about 1 a.m. Jan. 11.

Roe said the intense pressure from the winds buckled both bay doors of the fire station, eventually forcing them to fly back into the fire house, damaging two fire trucks inside.

That same ferocious wind peeled back a side wall of the station, like a tin can.

Roe said a fallen tree smashed their well house and also peeled off siding from the mobile home next to the station.

The chief explained that Station 6 provides fire protection for approximately 500 property owners in this rural area.

"There's other departments that are real close by. We're still going to come. But they're going to send a first crew in until we can get there with our main force."

Damage is estimated to be about $35,000, and is covered by insurance.

Shirley St.John lives right across the street from Station 6 along Oliver Road in Haughton.

"I fared better than a lot. So, I'm doing pretty good."

She expressed confidence that the fire district will take care of them.

"Yeah, they've been there the whole time that I've been here. And they're real good guys over there."

There are some bright spots already. Power has now been restored.

And Chief Roe estimated repairs should wrap up and the fire station should be back up and running in about two weeks.

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