The Good Stuff: For love of the game

The Good Stuff: For LSU and the Love of the Game

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Somewhere in the Superdome madness of 76,000 LSU fans back on January 13th, sat Graydon and Roberta Kitchens.

“Fact is, it is the only game we saw live all year,” said Graydon, a longtime LSU fan who once pitched for the Tiger baseball team back in the late 50′s.

Graydon admits he’s still in celebration mode even though the Tigers won the BCS championship game against Clemson well over a week ago.

"I made up mind, I'm going to enjoy this for a while."

However, atop Graydon’s post-college football season list of ‘to-dos’, updating the paint job on his purple and gold 1993 GMC pickup truck, to include the latest championship.

His truck proudly displays the three previous championships, dating back to the 1958 season.

“It was played in the old Tulane Stadium,” remembers Graydon who went to the game with his then-girlfriend, Roberta.

“We walked along the broken sidewalk to the stadium in 1959,” Roberta said.

The game was played on January 1, 1959 against Clemson.

“I remember Billy Cannon (throwing) to Mickey Mangram. I knew Mickey. He was a lawyer, a year behind me,” Graydon said.

LSU won the game 7-0, scoring that single touchdown in the third quarter.

Roughly a year and a half after watching LSU secured its first national title, these love birds were married June 11, 1960.

The Kitchens' '93 GMC painted to celebrate the LSU Tigers multiple championships
The Kitchens' '93 GMC painted to celebrate the LSU Tigers multiple championships (Source: KSLA)

"We met at LSU, dated at LSU, and married at the chapel at LSU," recalls Roberta, further cementing their love of all things LSU.

And that love only grew after returning to New Orleans on January 1, 2004 and watching their Tigers win their second national title.

“We were right in there,” Graydon explains holding a photo, pointing to an area in the end zone seats of the Superdome.

Just four years after beating Oklahoma, LSU returned to New Orleans to win its third title game in 2008 against Ohio State.

So did the Kitchens.

Then earlier this month, after being unable to attend a single home game during the 2019 season, the Kitchens made it back to the crescent city to watch LSU beat Clemson for its fourth national championship.

Graydon admits his fortunate to spend his life with someone who loves the LSU Tigers as much as he does.

Roberta and Graydon Kitchens were married June 11, 1960
Roberta and Graydon Kitchens were married June 11, 1960 (Source: KSLA)

“I told her, if she went to football games with me, I’d go to musical activities,” Graydon said, who adds who also attends various concerts, including the opera, with Roberta.

Roberta agrees.

Before there can be a shared love of games, there must be a love that's equally shared.

“What’s important to him is important to me,” Roberta said, smiling.

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