‘I’m doing a good thing:’ Bossier School District honors Plain Dealing custodian with Gold Star for his kindness

Mr. Charles leads by example, coaching from the halls of Plain Dealing High

PLAIN DEALING, La. (KSLA) — Inside Plain Dealing High School, it’s not easy to go about your day without hearing one of Charles Scott’s infections laughs echoing throughout the hallways.

Scott, better known as Mr. Charles, is one of the school’s custodians — a job he never anticipated.

“I thought I was going to be a coach. I clean, I mow, I do the flower beds. ... But, hey, I enjoy it.”

Mr. Charles, however, takes his job very seriously. In a sense, he plays an important role in the everyday lives of the students who walk the halls of Plain Dealing — a coach in the hallways.

“I see it as me teaching others to be all they can be,” he said. “They have some great times. And they might have some sad times; if I see this, I try and cheer them up.”

Mr. Charles has only been working at Plain Dealing High for the past seven months. But by the way he’s greeted by faculty and staff members, it seems as if he’s a fixture of the school with celebrity-like status.

“I feel like I’m doing something right. They love me and I love them.”

And Mr. Charles’ benevolence is not going unnoticed. In fact, the Bossier Parish School Board named him the Gold Star winner of the month, the first of 2020. This recognition is awarded to outstanding educators throughout the district.

“I never knew anything about this award,” Mr. Charles said. “I was happy that all these kids did this for me; I’m going to keep on doing what I do.”

Great coaches lead by example. And Mr. Charles does this every single day ... from the sidelines of Plain Dealing High’s hallways.

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