Haughton woman shares how heavy storms damaged her property

Haughton woman survives storm

HAUGHTON, La. (KSLA) - “Is everybody calling this a tornado or just a wind blow? I don’t know. To me it was a tornado cause I heard a big old boom you know,” said Lucille Jacobs.

That’s how she described Saturday morning’s storms as it hit her home off of Highway 157 in Haughton. It was just after 1:30 a.m. when Jacobs heard a loud bang against her house.

“My momma always said when there’s a storm, she always did wake us up….and (said) ‘get dressed’" she said. “So I put on my robe and I (sat) there in the chair. We got a little black dog...(and) he got in my lap and I just (sat) there holding him.”

While she was in her home heavy winds were ripping up trees in the front and the back of her home. When the sun rose, she was finally able to see all the damage done around her and her family’s property.

Unfortunately, the damage has left her without electricity

“I walked out to the highway and all them lines is down out there…all them electric lines," she said. "I said ‘Lord we can’t even get out. We stuck and can’t move.’”

The storms also left her with some minor damage to the inside of her home, but despite everything, she’s grateful to be standing here telling her story.

“I thanks the good Lord it didn’t have no more than it did," she said. "We alive cause this is material things, you can get this back. We gonna clean it up and everything is going to be alright.”

Jacob says this isn’t her first time experiencing heavy storms and tornadoes. She says she survived a tornado and married her husband on the same night back in 1964.

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