East Texas emergency management coordinators brace for potential storm

East Texas emergency management coordinators brace for potential storm
Weather Prep

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -Across East Texas folks are bracing for the bad weather, and with the threat, comes the need for emergency preparedness.

Gregg county emergency management coordinator Mark Moore has been in constant conferences with other agencies and the National Weather Service.

"We have been in several conference calls this morning with the state operations center with the national weather service in Shreveport," Moore says.

The county and cities are organizing manpower and equipment to be ready at a moment's notice.

"The tornado threat is pretty high, and also the straight line winds. If we get a lot of downed trees , we want to get the roads opened up for mercy traffic," says Moore.

Brian Russell is not only the White Oak EMC, he's also a fire firefighter and police officer.

"It's extremely important that we're prepared so if something happens, we can get guys out the door and respond to calls that need to be responded to," he says.

Equally as important is coordination with multiple agencies such as fire departments both paid and volunteered.

"That they're prepared that they have their resources ready to go so as soon as those calls come in we're ready to hit the ground running," Russell says.

It's that organization that they say is critical in response to any area effected by severe weather.

"This event is not something that effects just one geographical area, sometimes it can effect a very large geographical area so we want to be prepared for that also," Moore says.

Moore says there are things residents can do to be prepared.

"Always have a kit together, bottled water, something that will sustain you for 24 hours. Flashlights , batteries, a way to communicate. portable radio to stay in touch with your local meteorologist," he says.

SWEPCO crews are on standby ahead of the storm. The company has called in 150 additional workers to the area.

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