Severe storms likely imminent for Friday evening

Severe storms likely imminent for Friday evening
Very heavy storms likely Friday evening

(KSLA) - The storms Friday evening will be severe most likely. There is now a “Moderate” risk for severe weather as a line of storms pushes through. There will be a lot of heavy rain, but damaging winds and tornadoes will still be the biggest threat.

This evening, the rain will be somewhat be limited. There will not be a lot of rain, a few sprinkles are not ruled out. It may not even be enough for you to grab your rain gear. Temperatures will still be quite warm. It will only cool to the mid 60s after sunset.

Overnight, I cannot rule out a few small showers here and there. It will be light rain with no heavy downpours. It will be mostly cloudy. With the clouds hanging around, that will help the temperatures stay warm. Plus the winds will be coming from the south keeping the temperature from cooling down. Lows tonight will be in the lower to mid 60s. Also, with with winds being strong tonight, it will not become foggy as the winds would need to be calm.

Friday is when the strong storms will arrive. Through most of the day, it will be mostly dry. I do not expect a whole lot of rain in the morning or afternoon. By the evening though is when the rain chances will start to go up. Most of the rain will take place Friday night when most of us will be sleeping. Saturday morning will also have a lot of rain around. I have the rain chances up to 80% Friday and 70% Saturday.

When the stronger storms arrive Friday evening and overnight, all aspects of severe weather are possible. That includes tornadoes, damaging winds, frequent lightning, large hail, and even flooding. Damaging winds are the greatest threat, when tornadoes are also not ruled out. Flooding and large hail are on the lower side of the severe scale.

The rain will take place Friday evening and overnight. There will be lots of heavy rain that may wake you at night. The rain will take its time to move to the east. So East Texas will be the first to see the rain then Northwest Louisiana will be the last to see the rain. With that said, areas in East Texas will also be the first for the rain to come to an end by Saturday morning.

Make sure to have some way to receive alerts whenever severe weather strikes. Since this is taking place at night, most of us will be asleep when the storms pass through. So, by having some sort of an alert, such as our KSLA weather app, you will be notified if there is any immediate danger in your area.

The rain will be moving away from us by the late afternoon on Saturday. There will still be lingering clouds, but the rain chances should go back to zero. Then by Sunday, there will not be any rain with a few passing clouds. So, any outdoor plans this weekend should be done Sunday. Temperatures both Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon will reach the mid 50s. So it will be a bit cooler.

Have a great day! Don’t take your day for granted! Be safe and extra careful come Friday evening.

KSLA First Alert Meteorologist Grant Roberts

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