NTSB: Plane was still intact before it crashed in Lafayette

NTSB: Plane was still intact before it crashed in Lafayette
National Transportation Safety Board investigators have begun the lengthy process of determining what led to a fatal plane crash in Lafayette. (Source: WVUE)

LAFAYETTE, La. (WAFB) - In a Monday press conference, officials with the National Transportation and Safety Board said the small passenger plane was still intact before it crashed in Lafayette on Saturday, Dec. 28.

NTSB said on Monday, Dec. 30 investigators are looking closely into the plane maintenance as they check the fuel quality and aircraft’s weight and balance.

During the official update, officials had stressed that nothing is being ruled out at this point. NTSB said the engines will be shipped back to the manufacturer where they will be torn apart by a specialist.

Officials said the plane was on course until it reached 900 feet in the air. That’s when it took a sharp left turn and started to spiral.

Six people were on the plane, and the sole survivor, Wade Berzas, is in extremely serious condition. Doctors say 75% of his body is burned. He had a two-hour surgery Monday morning. The director of the OLOL burn unit did say the recovery process for Berzas is doable, but a tough road is ahead.

NTSB said the pilot’s last medical exam indicates he had more than 1,500 flying hours logged.

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