Educational toy ideas for kids

Educational toy ideas for kids
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Most parents want to find those great gifts for under the tree... that kids love... and foster learning for parents too. Experts say when crossing things off your kids wish list, try to find toys that foster learning. Finding toys, however, that are educational and fun can be challenging.

Sarah Toups with Learning Express Toys of Shreveport shared some unique, educational holiday gift ideas.

The first is the Pop Pop Piano. It’s a small piano like toy with balls that lift into the air under a plastic dome when a key is pressed. It’s designed to develop a baby’s cognitive skills, visual perception, motor skills, and reaching skills. It’s also easy to clean.

The Airfort, which is a blow-up fort that expands by simply attaching to a box fan, simulates pretend play which promotes creativity, problem solving, leadership and increases language skills.

The Pogo Jumper allows kids to bounce while improving core strength. Core strength is crucial to all fine motor skills including handwriting. It helps with visual processing, self-regulation and weight shifting.

This next toy can help people of all ages from toddlers to even the elderly. Thinking Putty improves strength in hands, forearms, tendons and fingers for pinching and gripping. It also relieves arthritis pain and can be a huge stress reliever. Some experts believe playing with putty can stave off cognitive decline like dementia.

Melissa and Doug Motor Skills puzzle allows kids to learn hand-eye coordination, enhance memory, strategy and efficiency along with all of the gross and fine motor skill benefits.

Lastly the Talking Cash Register has all the pretend play benefits and it helps children practice early math and money skills while learning about the different coins and bills.

You can find more about each of these gifts at the Learning Express Toys of Shreveport on Line Avenue.

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