New changes in effect for those visiting Barksdale Global Power Museum

New changes in effect for those visiting Barksdale Global Power Museum

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. (KSLA) -For those looking to experience Barksdale Air Force Base’s rich history, you just have to take a trip over to the base’s Global Power Museum.

In the past, those without a military identification card or military sponsor could drive up and visit on the same day, but that has changed.

To visit BAFB's Global Power Museum, you now must apply 30 days ahead of time

Sunday, December 15th, the base officially implemented new changes for civilians wanting to see the museum. Visitors must now fill out a museum access pass 30 days prior to their visit.

The form can be found HERE, and once it’s completed must be emailed to

“Safety has to always be the number one priority no matter what,” said museum director, Amy Russell. “My job here is to educate and inspire, but.....I have to make sure that everybody that comes in is safe.”

Russell says base leadership, security forces, and the museum’s history program sat down months ago to begin discussing these new security changes.

Right now the museum averages around 30,000 visitors a year with their busiest months lasting from March until August. Russell admits the new changes will impact her attendance.

“We are unfortunately pretty positive that visitorship is going to drop some because not everybody wants to do that, or not everybody is going to see that because not everybody checks the museum website before they go,” she said. “They just show up.”

Russell says a 30-day notice was added because they believe that will give them enough time to clear everyone for each day. She says if museum attendance significantly drops in the next couple of months, then they will sit down and think about changing the notice time period.

If you have issues or questions about your visit, Russell urges you to always call the museum or Barksdale’s security forces.

“It is so important to call and check and say 'Hey I sent my information in. I just want to make sure that I’m cleared for my day because my and my family are coming,” she said. “Call and you can check that and if it’s not there then you can work with them (security forces) to make sure that all of that does get checked and cleared.”

You can call 318-456-4270 or 318-456-3219 if you have questions with the form or need to ask questions.

Make sure to have your driver’s license or state identification card on you and make sure those items, as well as your vehicle registration, are up-to-date or you will not be granted access onto the base.

If you attempt to come on a date you did not schedule, you will not be allowed onto the base.

You can read more information about these new changes HERE.

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