Wiley College dresses students for success

Dressing for Success: Wiley College's Career Closet helps students look their best without spending a penny

MARSHALL, Texas (KSLA) — Wiley College is making sure its students are dressed to the nines when it comes time to for them enter the professional world.

Since September, the College’s career center has opened its ‘career closet’ to students, offering business clothing to students totally free of charge.

“We definitely need it,” said Raylynn Hawkins. “I’m definitely grateful for it.”

All of the clothes inside the store are donated by community members. Students fill out a few forms and then begin their shopping spree.

“Once the door for them to see what’s back here, they’re like, ‘oh my gosh,’” said Jamariea’ Davis-Miller, the Wiley College internship coordinator. “We’ve had several [students] come in and get multiple things, we’ve had multiple come in more than once.”

The closet’s array of clothing is impressive, to say the least. Students have access to dress shirts, countless ties, suits, shoes, blouses and shirts.

“East Texas cares about Wiley,” said Davis-Miller. “We’ve had people bring in truckloads, multiple trash bags [of clothing].”

Wiley College needs your help collecting business clothes for its students. Email Kendra Sharp at KSharp1@WileyC.Edu.

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