Students benefit from gift of GoNoodle

GoNoodle: Free program helps children stay focused

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — It’s estimated that a kindergartner can only concentrate in class for 15-20 minutes before losing focus. And some parents might argue that it’s less than that.

Teachers across the country have turned to a website that’s proven to keep kids on track in class by taking a break from schoolwork.

Website keep kids on track in class by letting them take a break from schoolwork

With less than two weeks to go before the holiday break, South Highlands Elementary teacher Lauren Briscoe has found it hard to keep her fifth-graders on task. “The squirming and the movement and the whispering to the neighbor.”

Briscoe’s solution for her students was to step away from the class assignments and raise their hands — to the beat.

"The Llama song's our favorite and they like blazer fresh as well."

Briscoe uses the program GoNoodle Plus to give her students a break when they start to lose focus. It allows the fifth-graders to shake out their energy and refocus on classwork.

“It helps your mind and it relaxes you and it’s fun,” said Zoe Douglas, a student at South Highlands Elementary.

“There’s one that helps me read better,” said Parker Guidry, one of Briscoe’s students. “The reading with expression. it just helps me read fluently and not get stuck on words.”

Children's Miracle Network- Jordan Harris on 'The Gift of GoNoodle'

Through the Children’s Miracle Network, CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier has donated nearly $500,000 worth of the GoNoodle Plus version so students in seven Northwest Louisiana parishes can use the technology to keep focused.

It’s proven to better grades and improve the classroom experience for not only students but also teachers. “It’s their favorite part of class. It’s what they come to school for.”

Tara Jones uses it in her second-grade classroom, as well. Over the years, she said, she’s found it to be one of the most effective tools in teaching.

“Before, when I didn’t have these websites, I had to just make up things on a whim," Jones explained. "But now I have a set of tools that I can go and pull from and the kids like it.

"They think it’s a reward and it is.”

Children's Miracle Network- The Gift of GoNoodle

It’s a reward that truly benefits both the student and the teacher. “If I give them something like GoNoodle, they give me something back in return.”

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