Police use witty prose to draw attention to theft suspect

Verse reminds one of “A Visit from St. Nicholas," which more commonly is known as “'Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Texarkana, Texas, police use witty prose to draw attention to theft suspect

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) — Those police in Texarkana, Texas, are at it again.

They’re asking for help finding a theft suspect.

And how they relayed that request to the public is drawing a lot of attention.

The Felony Friday post on Facebook reads:

"Out the emergency exit and into the night.

To pay for the items would be no delight.

Carrying stolen stuff, he ran from the store.

Now, his felony warrants total four.

Who knows what satisfaction it brings,

but beer and shampoo are his favorite things.

Christopher Davidson, you thought you’d gotten away,

But instead, you’re now featured on Felony Friday."

Police say they have warrants to arrest Davidson on four charges of felony theft.

Authorities urge anyone who knows where to find him to call police at (903) 798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at (903) 793-STOP.

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