Do you feel safe in Shreveport?

In wake of homicides, some council members urge SPD to accept more help

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Recent homicides in Shreveport are causing concern among people throughout the city.

Several residents who asked to remain anonymous mentioned how the city is fairly safe but has random acts of violence.

On Friday night, three women decided to take a stroll through Betty Virginia Park. When asked about the safety of Shreveport, they gave similar answers.

“I’m at the park with a group of people. That doesn’t mean nothing can happen, but it’s a preventative measure that can ward off danger," Camille Williams says.

They all say going out in groups is a deterrent to violence but also mention how you still have to stay alert.

SPD Chief Ben Raymond: "I didn't want ... anywhere near 40 homicides ... but it is an improvement from the last 2 years"

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