Child given meth by another child shares what happened at Fredonia Elementary in Nacogdoches

Child given meth by another child shares what happened at Fredonia Elementary in Nacogdoches
Letter to parents about drugs ingested at Fredonia Elementary (Source: Viewer photo)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Diego Gonzalez, 10, stayed home from school after spending Thursday afternoon in the emergency room, for of all things, ingesting meth, unknowingly, at a school breakfast.

The Fredonia Elementary fifth-grader said a classmate was handing it out at various tables, saying it was rock candy.

“The rocks were crystal and he had a bag with powder. I just got my pencil and I scooped a little bit on my finger and it tasted really sour but really nasty,” described Diego.

Diego said his classmate laughed and said it was baking powder.

Diego’s mother, Maria Carmen Zarte-Gonzalez, also a nurse, says bloodwork and urine tests came back indicating her son was meth positive.

Her observations were, “Very dilated pupils. He was losing his temper, very irritated. And involuntary movement of the mouth. It was very noticeable.” Zarte-Gonzalez then demonstrated how her son’s face would contort.

Diego says after tasting what turned out to be methamphetamine he went back to class. Then he says around 10:30 that morning the school was placed on lockdown and school personnel began asking him and other classmates a lot of questions.

“And they said like have you took anything today and I was like, yes. And she was like, was it white powdery and cyrstaly. And she said, ‘you might have took drugs,’ recalled Diego.

The mother, says she wasn’t notified of any of this until one o’clock, over five hours after the school breakfast. Her husband immediately went to their son.

Maria couldn't believe what her husband called to tell her.

“He said, ‘the school said he took crystal meth.’

Maria speaks publically to alert other parents of young children.

Diego's brother supports that message, but he's directing anger to the school supervisors.

“That’s their zone. That’s where they should be,” said Fabian Rodriguez. “That’s where they should take control. We like watch our kids out of school. The rest, they watch only 8 hours. They should take it serious.”

A school spokesman say there is concern. When another child alerted them of the situation, Les Linebarger said school workers did take action.

“And so anytime something like this happens we are going to take a close look at what took place,” said Linebarger. "Whether our procedures worked properly or where they need to be adjusted.”

For Diego, his lesson is he’ll never accept questionable products, and unfortunately, not to trust anyone.

School Response

The principal of an elementary school says that drugs were brought to school and ingested by students on Thursday.

Melinda Wiebold, principal of Fredonia Elementary School, wrote a letter to parents that stated a controlled substance was brought to school by a 5th grader and was shared with other students on Thursday.

NISD police and Nacogdoches Police Department were called in to investigate.

There was no indication what kind of drugs the children ingested and whether any were harmed or hospitalized.

The letter in full is below:

To parents:

I want to make you aware of something that happened today. A fifth-grader at Fredonia Elementary was found to be in possession of a controlled substance, which was shared with other students. Police from Nacogdoches ISD and City of Nacogdoches were called to investigate, and NISD administrators were also on hand.

Needless to say, it’s a regrettable incident. As always, providing our students and staff at Fredonia a secure learning and working environment is of overriding importance and influences all decisions we make. Actions taken today were part of an effort to protect the safety of students attending Fredonia Elementary.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Melinda Wiebold, Principal

We have reached out to Ms. Wiebold and Superintendent Frailey for more information. We will continue to update this story as more information is available.

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