SEC Championship: Tiger fans bring Louisiana flavor to Atlanta

Tiger fans get early start on tailgating

ATLANTA, Ga. (KSLA) — Normally what you see in downtown Atlanta are skyscrapers, but we found a few RVs with some LSU gear.

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John Stevens might be one of LSU’s biggest fans. The Houma, La., resident says he makes his way to quite a few away games.

“You know, we follow the team right now. As the team gets better, we get better. Everybody shows up, likes to eat and have a good time."

Stevens says he grew up as a fan and both of his sons graduated from LSU.

“I don’t have any other clothes. My entire wardrobe is LSU.”

He and his brother also have matching Jeeps. John drives the purple one; his brother is at the wheel of the yellow one.

In true Louisiana fashion, Stevens is cooking up a 20-gallon pot of jambalaya and white beans.

As far as the outcome of the game, Stevens thinks LSU will beat Georgia 38-10.

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