Caddo residents frustrated by potentially stricter property standards

Commissioners now discussing plans to stop fines

Caddo commissioners now discussing plans to stop fines connected to stricter property standards

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Some frustrated homeowners in Caddo Parish are pushing back against potentially stricter property standards, like those in Shreveport.

And they voiced those concerns at the Caddo Commission meeting Thursday afternoon.

Some Caddo residents frustrated by potentially stricter property standards

They’re upset about possible changes to something called the UDC.

That stands for Unified Development Code, first put in place in May 2017.

There’s now a push to amend the UDC. It would, among other things, ban parking RVs in the front and to the side of homes within 5 miles of Shreveport city limits.

That includes the Borland family home. They are a retired couple living just north of Shreveport.

The Borlands showed KSLA News 12 a letter dated Nov. 11 that they received from the Shreveport/Caddo Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission, more commonly known as the MPC.

Constance Borland said the notice described complaints about the camper that is stored in their side yard.

“On our camper, the way it’s parked out here; that it was offensive to somebody. ... No names, no nothing, just a complaint and that we had 10 days to make modifications.”

But those modifications would be expensive and there’s not enough time to properly carry them out, Keenan Borland explained.

"You had to have a wood fence around the trailer, plus a cyclone fence or a fence around that complete. It has to be covered and a fence around that."

If the Borlands do nothing, the letter tells them the case will be referred to the city attorney.

Constance Borland said the timing could not be much worse for them.

"He just retired from Bookshires a few days ago. And then we had this to deal with, just a whole bunch of things. He just, he had cancer last year. We've dealt with that.

“And it’s just another irritation that we thought was unnecessary because there’s so many places around here that are in much worse shape than where ours is, like the one behind me over there.”

But don't expect to see Caddo commissioners vote on this amended UDC code in the immediate future. This meeting was just an introduction.

The second reading and vote is expected in January.

Meantime, commissioners are discussing plans to stop fines connected to stricter property standards.

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