Phase 4: Marvel releases first ‘Black Widow’ trailer

(Gray News) - Months had passed since Walt Disney Pictures gave us any news on its plans for Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that all changed Tuesday morning.

Before the sun even came up, Marvel released the first trailer for Scarlett Johansson’s solo film “Black Widow.”

If you saw “Avengers: Endgame,” you’re probably wondering how Natasha Romanoff is back from the dead. After all, she doesn’t exactly have superpowers.

Well, she’s not back from the dead. This is a prequel that takes place after the events of 2016′s “Captain America: Civil War.”

And while she can’t fly or lift heavy objects, she does have girl power. Studios are finally getting around to letting female stars take the lead role in superhero films. (See “Wonder Woman” and “Captain Marvel”)

Johansson had appeared in seven MCU films, so it’s only fair that she get her own at this point.

David Harbour will portray Alexei Shostakov as Red Guardian. You’ll recognize him from Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Florence Pugh will play Romanoff’s sister figure, Yelena Belova.

Rick Mason, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. partner with a romantic interest in Romanoff, will be portrayed by O-T Fagbenle.

The role of the villain will fall to Rachel Weisz. She will play Melina Vostokoff, better known as Iron Maiden. We’ll also get to see Taskmaster, a character with the ability to mimic the combat abilities of any opponent.

“Black Widow” hits theaters on May 1, 2020.

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