Joe Burrow Sports Illustrated issue is the hottest item in Baton Rouge on Black Friday

Joe Burrow Sports Illustrated issue is the hottest item in Baton Rouge on Black Friday
The Sports Illustrated issue featuring LSU QB Joe Burrow on the cover sold out as they became available at some stores in Baton Rouge stores on Nov. 29, 2019. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) -It's one of the hottest items on the shelves this Black Friday.

Not the television deals, electronics, or anything else, we're talking about the newest Sports Illustrated magazine with Joe Burrow on the cover.

“We want the magazine. Sports Illustrated magazine. Everybody’s out, wanting the Sports Illustrated. We’re out and about, and they’re out,” said Terry Kleinpeter and Connie Myers, two sister LSU fans.

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The new Sports Illustrated magazines are hot off the press. And with Joe Burrow on the cover, Tiger fans everywhere are lurking the stores to get their copy.

“A bunch of my friends were like man, where’d you get it at, I need it, I need it. Well, I circled back and grabbed them and here we are,” said Steven Miller, a Tiger fan. At the Barnes & Noble in Perkins Rowe, they sold out of copies by Friday afternoon.

Only people who called to reserve their copy in advance could get the magazine, which Tiger fans are calling once in a lifetime.

People were just trying to get them on hold, and there was just so many people that we couldn’t even put them on hold, we weren’t allowed too.

So we made a list, and we had about three lists full of just names, maybe 40, 50 names of people just waiting for them.

Multiple copies too, like some people, were buying 12 to 15 copies," said Paul Adams, an employee at Barnes & Noble.

One woman says she didn’t luck out with getting a copy at that location, but she has a backup plan.

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“I had ordered two days ago, three copies at the City Place Barnes & Noble, and just got a phone call from them, that they are in. You better believe it and I may get some extras, it’s souvenir copies,” Said Christine Angelooz, a Tiger fan. Some people getting lucky.

“Got my copy of the Joe Burrow Sports Illustrated magazine. The next Heisman Trophy winner right here,” said Robert Smith. And these fans love them some Joe Burrow and are glad he’s a Tiger.

“He just seems like a nice kid, talented. And he’s bringing the Tigers where they haven’t been in a long time, so we love him even more,” said Klepeter and Myers.

“It’s kind of like a little comeback story, he was about to get the starting job and something happened with his injuries or what not. He was just dealt a hand, and played it the best he could, and came here and he shined. He shined like a golden star,” said Miller.

“We’re just so proud of Joe for hanging in there and becoming an incredible leader, of an incredible football team,” said Angelooz. “Geaux Tigers,” shouted the two sisters.

WAFB is hearing reports that there are copies at different stores and locations.

Our Assistant New Director Allison Childers even found a ton of copies, at her local Albertsons.

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