Scam artists posing as SPD officials to collect money

Scam artists posing as SPD officials to collect money
Attorney General Andy Beshear is warning senior citizens and military veterans to be wary of a new scam that attempts to switch their monthly bank deposit to a con artist’s bank account. (Source: Pixabay)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The Shreveport Police Department has received complaints from local citizens who’ve received phone calls from a phone number associated with its department. The number, (318) 673-6900, has been reported as being misused.

The caller claims that there is/ are persons demanding personal information, money or advising the caller that an active warrant will be issued if the citizen does not pay money over the phone to clear a debt or loan. They will either represent themselves as if they are connected to a law enforcement agency or a collection agency.

The caller will often badger the citizen and claim a sense of urgency in getting the debt paid or an arrest will occur.

What you need to know:

· Law enforcement agencies will not call citizens over the phone to collect on debts/loans. Also, collection agencies do not have the ability to seek out criminal arrest warrants for unpaid debts/loans.

· When a citizen receives a call over the phone requesting money for any reason, ask many questions and do not give out any personal information. You can always request the caller mail you the information so you may respond in writing.

· Most scammers will not be willing to provide detailed information.

· Know your outstanding debts and above all, if you did not initiate a phone call regarding money you owe, BE SUSPICIOUS.

If you are concerned that a call may be a scam and would like more information, please call the Caddo Parish Financial Crimes Task Force at (318) 681-0770.

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