Time machine of a restaurant is cooking up synergy

After weeks in business, the owners of Retro Downtown Cafe already are eyeing expansion

After weeks in business, owners of Retro Downtown Cafe already expanding

DOWNTOWN SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — “Yummy, yummy, yummy.”

It’s not even lunchtime on this recent weekday.

“We’ve already got 12 pre-orders today.”

But Retro Downtown Cafe in downtown Shreveport already is slammed.

“We need to be ready at 11 o’clock today. So we need to get these boogers on the grill.”

After just 15 weeks in business, the restaurant is staying plenty busy.

“We knew that people down here needed to eat.”

Owners Kristi Tift and Kandie Winchester are staying plenty busy.

“We were slammed to start with; we really were in the very beginning. ... We would go from maybe having two tables in the building to having every table sat at one time. What does that tell you? Oh, that’s a good thing.”

Kristi’s and Kandie’s time machine of a restaurant is tucked away in the 400 block of Marshall Street.

“These will be ready for our first couple sandwiches.”

It takes people back to a simpler time.

But Retro Downtown Cafe also is cooking up new life downtown.

“Opportunity, really. There’s a lot of people beginning to live here. There’s people who work down here every day. ... We were respectfully afraid of what Shreveport would expect.”

And understandably so.

“We would get 15 tickets at the same time. So, 15 tickets for three of us that worked in the kitchen was really difficult knowing those people sat down with 30 minutes to eat.”

“It’s a lot of fun making people happy.”

“We didn’t want to come down here and take out everybody. We wanted to be part of a synergy that helps give people options.”

A synergy that’s expanding to their bakery soon to be just down on the way on Texas Street.

“Well, I think people are looking for faster breakfast options, too. We’ll have pastries and things on the healthier side.”

It’s a sense of downtown pride that you can taste for yourself.

“It’s awesome, it really is. I’m downtown.”

Retro updated Menu ! Price Drop since October 1st and Every Meal ordered now comes with choice of beverage. As always...

Posted by Retro Down Town Cafe on Monday, November 11, 2019

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