Large drug shipment found in bin in house’s driveway

The illegal cargo was seized earlier this week in Shreveport’s Broadmoor Terrace neighborhood

Law officers intercept $1 million drug shipment in large shipping container in neighborhood driveway

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — A million dollars worth of illegal drugs never will make it to the streets of Shreveport.

Authorities seized the shipment from a container in the driveway of a house in the city’s Broadmoor Terrace neighborhood.

The major bust went down Monday afternoon in the 100 block of Kayla Street.

“I have goosebumps. You can see them on my arm physically. I knew something was wrong,” neighbor Kimberly Rice said as she held up one of her arms.

During a news conference Wednesday, Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond detailed how local, state and federal law officers intercepted the shipment. The illegal cargo had been carefully packaged and stored in a large shipping container.

The drug bust culminated a months-long team effort, the police chief said.

“Getting this large of a seizure off the streets of Shreveport makes all of us safer. I also think it’s a perfect example of showing how well all of our law enforcement agencies work together.”

A man who identified himself to KSLA News 12 as the owner of the house where the drugs were seized said he did not want to be interviewed on camera. But he did say he knew nothing about the situation.

"They sent a package to my house and that's all. We don't have nothing to do with this. I've been here for almost 14 years."

Rice and her husband, Richard, recalled seeing a young man being handcuffed, put in a police cruiser and driven away.

But authorities say no one has been charged with any crime although they expect to soon make arrests.

And the Rices said it’s the final straw in their decision to move out.

“Oh, we are going to move,” she started.

“We are moving in January of February,” he continued/

"Probably around February or March,” she calculated.

Until then, the Rices said they will go everywhere together to stay safe.

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