With bond proposals nixed, city starts mulling next move

Shreveport voters rejected bond proposals, now city officials considering the next move

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — All the planning and excitement that passage of three bond propositions would bring in $186 million for the city of Shreveport were dashed Saturday.

Voters narrowly rejected all three proposals.

That means the projects planned to help with water and sewer in Proposition 1, police and fire in Proposition 2 and streets and drainage in Proposition 3 will have to wait.

It all adds up to one question: What now?

“I want everybody to know that, as a city councilman, as a chairman of the public safety committee, I am committed to getting our firefighters and police officers a raise,” District D Councilman Grayson Boucher said.

“I think that’s the most important thing. We are critically losing police officers and firefighters.”

Boucher is among those who have suggested breaking up the projects that were part of the three bond propositions into smaller pieces.

And maybe, he said, they should not all be placed before voters during the same election but rather spread out over multiple dates.

Historian and LSU-Shreveport professor Gary Joiner, who agrees with Boucher, explained why the three propositions faced an uphill battle from the start.

"People are really upset that we have very, very high sales tax rates, that we have very, you know, high millages on things, compared to other like parishes."

And the dust up last week about whether Shreveport would send some of its first responders to the Donald Trump rally in Bossier City certainly did not help, either.

That’s largely because when you’re considering handing over $186 million in taxpayer money, there shouldn’t be any concerns about their judgment.

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