Shreve Memorial Library plans to eliminate paper notices

Shreve Memorial Library plans to eliminate paper notices
Starting Friday November 22nd Shreve Memorial Library will stop sending out paper notices. (Source: Maranda Whittington)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Shreve Memorial Library is looking to save paper and start going green. Starting Friday Nov. 22, the library system will begin emailing notices regarding overdue library books and books on hold.

“(We started) talking about the budget for next year and (looking at) ways we can be more efficient to serve our patrons and to better utilize our resources,” said marketing manager, Samantha Bonnette.

Bonnette says they believe they could communicate quicker with patrons using email than by mailing notices.

“We were getting notices that it would be lost in the mail, and so by sending it straight to their inbox we know that they won’t be lost in the mail,” she said.

Bonnette says those who don’t have an email address can stop by their branches and a staff member can help them set up a free account.

Users can also call branches to find out their information, and they will still get a paper receipt when they check out their book letting them know their due date.

Residents like Bill Robertson like this move the library is making.

“Printing requires us to take trees down so there’s all kinds of alternatives to that, so I would think that’s a good thing,” he said.

While others like BreKendria Graves understand some of the concerns, but believe its something that needs to be done.

“This generation and this century is more digital,” she said. “(I) understand that older people like getting it in the mail, but times have changed so it’s time to upgrade.”

Bonnette says they will continue to send out paper notices until Thursday November 21. Emailed notices will begin going out starting Friday November 22nd.

If you would like to update the email you have on file, you can access your account HERE.

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