Gubernatorial candidates make final state-wide push ahead of Election Day

Gubernatorial candidates make final state-wide push ahead of Election Day
Edwards/ Rispone (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The day before arguably one of the biggest elections in the state, and one message is on repeat: “definitely out trying to get the vote get more people to vote,” said activist Sess 4-5.

Neighborhood grassroots efforts passed out flyers and posted signs, hoping the bold bright message would inspire people to get to the polls.

“We know those voices count and want them to be heard,” he said.

The two candidates, Democrat incumbent John Bel Edwards and Republican challenger Eddie Rispone both made a big final push with multiple stops across the state. Both shook hands and encouraged and reminded supporters to vote.

Early in the evening, Edwards stopped at the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, feeling confident about his support in New Orleans.

“I’m comfortable with the polling going into the election tomorrow if people vote the way pollsters believe they’re going to vote we're going to win this election,” said Edwards.

Edwards remarked how these stops across the state, particularly in New Orleans were important considering early voter numbers, and again threw back to his experience and record in the governor's seat over his opponent.

“We certainly shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of electing someone governor who doesn't have vision for the state, doesn't know how it works, and who has run for governor of Louisiana by running against the city of New Orleans. We just can't do that, the voters of Louisiana aren't going to do that,” said Edwards.

Later in the evening, landing at signature flight near the new MSY tarmac, supporters greeted Rispone waving flags and signs. He too feels confident that supporters will show up at the polls, especially after presidential stumping.

“Look at what happened with Trump, everyone said he was going to lose so let's see what happens, people are going to turn out and vote, that's what will happen, it's all about turn out,” said Rispone.

Rispone said he came to New Orleans particularly to get the message out to their voters. He said if elected, there's plenty of work he wants to accomplish in the city.

“It can be a great city it just needs some leadership, it needs someone that appreciates it like I do, I could grow this. We need to be more than just a tourist city, it can be that great city it was years ago with manufacturing jobs, banking, oil and gas,” said Rispone.

Click here for voter information from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.

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