Election Day is here, and both candidates for La. governor gave final message for voters

Election Day is here, and both candidates for La. governor gave final message for voters
Eddie Rispone and Governor John Bel Edwards face off in the runoff on Election Day, Saturday, Nov. 16. (Source: WAFB)

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(WAFB) - We’re finally there. Polls open up at 7 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 16. Voters will decide who will lead Louisiana as governor for the next four years, incumbent governor, John Bel Edwards, or businessman, Eddie Rispone.

Both candidates traveled across the state Friday, Nov. 15 to try to get their bases energized ahead of Saturday’s runoff. They both realize this race is going to come down to voter turnout.

“We just need to get our people out to vote. That’s what it’s going to take, very close race as you can imagine,” said Republican Eddie Rispone, one of the candidates for governor.

“If our voters get out and vote tomorrow, we’re going to win. I’m very confident with the polling going into the election tomorrow,” said Democrat John Bel Edwards, looking for a second term as governor.

On social media, both candidates went across the state for one final push to get out the vote.

“Every single vote is important and we are working every voter in every parish regardless of party because we want to win this election,” Edwards said.

“We started in Shreveport, went to Monroe, went to Alexandria, Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans, back here [Baton Rouge]. It’s been phenomenal,” Rispone said.

Both candidates got in a couple of jabs, too.

“You got a tax and spend liberal, career politician, trial lawyer, and you’ve got him as your CEO of a $30 billion operation,” Rispone said.

“We need to keep moving forward. We certainly shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of electing someone [Rispone] governor who has no vision for the state, doesn’t know how it works,” Edwards said.

Both Rispone and Edwards have a final message to any undecided voters.

“The State of Louisiana is doing so much better than we were four years ago. The deficits are gone. We’ve actually run three surpluses in a row, even after a $600 million tax cut, we’ve ran a $500 million surplus. We have the largest economy in the history of this state, the most personal income in the history of this state, unemployment is at a 12-year low,” Edwards said.

“We’re [Louisiana] last, folks. We are absolutely last. There’s no reason for that. God has blessed this state unbelievably. We’ve been last for four years in a row and that’s just totally unacceptable. We have to do something different. It’s time to hire someone, an outsider, a CEO, somebody who’s a job creator, to turn this state around. That’s it,” Rispone said.

Both absentee and early voting totals are more than 500,000, which is a record for a non-presidential election. Both candidates are just hoping everyone makes it out to the polls Saturday.

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