La. Gov. Edwards speaks in Shreveport, ahead of Trump rally

La. Gov. John Bel Edwards holds campaign event in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards spoke to his constituents before President Trump’s rally on Thursday, Nov. 14. The event began at noon, with campaign volunteers at his Shreveport field office located at 3924 Greenwood Road.

The conference was designed to thank campaign volunteers for their work in support of his campaign, as well as speak to local news media and address what to expect from President Trump’s visit to Bossier City, according to a news release.

Edwards maintains the sentiment he is putting Louisiana first by trusting the state’s citizens and personal work ethic to improve education, fix the state’s budget, and create jobs.

The governor further emphasizes his belief that Eddie Rispone is relying on Washington, D.C. in the election while refusing to detail his plans for Louisiana.

"I can tell you my opponent, Mr. Rispone, is extremely nervous and he should be. He's invited the President for the third time to come to Louisiana to campaign for him. And obviously he's trying to nationalize this race because that's the only shot he has."

During our one on one interview with the governor after the news conference, Edwards told us attacks on his military service were a real low point in the race.

"Which I found to be very unfortunate because I will tell you there were a lot of veterans, not just me, all across the state of Louisiana who believe like I do, you should never take partisan politics and inject that into whether you appreciate someone's service to the country."

On a lighter note, we asked Edwards what he would tell all the people headed to the Trump rally on This Thursday night. His response drew some laughs.

"Have a good time. And then go vote for me Saturday." (laughter)

Recent polling shows Governor Edwards with a razor thin lead.

Analysts said that means the campaign with the stronger ‘ground game’ and get out of the vote efforts could make all the difference between victory and defeat.

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